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ColibriSM Mobile App v2.0.1 – Android & iOS – Nulled Free Download

ColibriSM Mobile App – Android & iOS

ColibriSM Mobile App

ColibriSM Mobile App is the Official Mobile Application of the Colibri Social Media Platform..

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As you know, the Colibri Social Media Platform is one of the best options for starting your own social network, forum, news portal or even a media platform.

ColibriSM Mobile App

Key Features of the ColibriSM Mobile App:

– Upload Images & Videos from your device
– Chat System
– Notifications System
– Like & Comment
– Post Sharing & Reposting
– Post Reply
– Bookmark System
– Account Privacy
– Profile Verification
– Link Fetch
– Youtube Fetch
– @ and # Fetch
– Video and Image Modals
– Menu Drawers
– Timeline Image Grid
– And much more

What kind of technology used?

ColibriSM Mobile App was developed using Flutter version 2.xx.x and Dart 2.6.

Demo Credentials

In order to test the app capabilities, you can sign up via the app or utilize your login created on the ColibriSM web platform.


To view documentation on how to set up and install ColibriSM Mobile App, please click the respective links below:




Next Release v2.0.2



v2.0.1 (25 JUNE 2021)

– [Fixed] Deleting post from profile

– [Fixed] Repost not showing on profile feed

– [Fixed] Following and Followers partially hidden in profile

– [Fixed] Image load and modal in messages

– [Added] Flutter 2.0 Update

– [Added] Update on some UIs

– [Added] Image and Video link fetch

– [Added] Timeline image grid

– [Added] Image and Video modal with post icons

– [Added] Drawer menus

– [Added] Updated menu with ads/affiliates web view links

– [Added] FAB button

– [Added] In-app notifications

– [Added] New Post UI

– [Added] @name and #hashtags fetch

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