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Walleyum v1.0.3 – Cryptocurrency Wallet System with Exchange – Free Download

Walleyum – Cryptocurrency Wallet System with Exchange

Walleyum – is a fully secured cryptocurrency wallet system that is developed with NodeJS, ReactJS and MySQL. It is a highly secure and fast dynamic wallet system. It is mainly used to make Cryptocurrency Wallet Systems and Cryptocurrency Exchanger. It has integrated payment gateway like Mollie, Coinbase, Paypal, Stripe, Coingate, Paystack, VogurePay, Coinpayments, Flutterwave. There are Deposit, Withdrawal, Referral, Exchange, User, Merchant features available. In the system, users can register as Member and Merchant both. One user can transfer the fund to other users. There is an exchange feature available for exchanging currencies. Merchants can collect the money from the user.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/walleyum-cryptocurrency-wallet-system-with-exchange/35489968

Admin Features


In the Dashboard menu Admin can see the Total Deposits, Totals Withdraws, Total Exchanges, Total Users, Total Merchants. Also can see the statistic of the Last 7 Days of Deposits, Withdraws, and Exchanges. Can explore Recently Registered users.



Deposit system is fully automated. Here’s admin can see the History of the deposit transactions and can set the Gateways by editing each of the payment gateways. Also, the admin can active and inactive the payment gateway from it.



Admin can see the transfer history of users.


In the withdraws section admin can see the pending withdraw and can approve the withdraws manually. Also, the admin can see the withdraw History and set the Methods of the withdraw.


Admin can see the pending exchanges here and can approve or decline. Also can see the History of the Exchanges.


All the payment history can check the admin here.


Admin can handle all the Merchant list, Pending Verification and Payment request of the Merchant here.


Admin can see all the User lists here and can edit the user data from it. Admin can remove users and upgrade a user to the Merchant. Also, the admin can send the message to a specific user.


In the settings section admin can add and edit the general settings of the system, add a new wallet and fetch currency rates. In the Referral tab, the admin can add the referral rates. In the Fees, tab the admin can add the exchange fees rate. In the APIs, tab admin can add the Free Currency API.

Site Builder

Site Builder is a complete page builder. Admin can add the new page, can set the slug, and can add the section as per the wanted design. In the Pages, tab the admin can add the page he wants. Logo & Favicon tab admin can upload the logo and Favicon of the site. In the Main Menu tab, the admin can add the menu item.

Language Support

Currenctly system is supported three languages English, French and Spanish

User Features


In the dashboard menu user can see the KYC status, Deposit, Withdrawal Method. Also, find the referral link to share. Can see the Wallets and Recent Deposits

Add Money

User can add money or deposit with his suitable payment gateway also can see the history of the deposit.


User can send the money to other user. user can explore the send logs and receive logs.


User can Withdraw the fund and can see the logs. Admin needs to verify and approve or decline the Withdraws.


User can Exchange money one wallet to another and can see the logs.


User can Make payment to different merchants and can see the logs.


User can change the account settings, update the KYC and link the available accounts.

Merchant Features

Merchant can take payments from users and also users can pay merchants with their ID.

Key Features:

  • 100% Responsive layout
  • Landing Page
  • Admin Panel
  • User Panel
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Exchange
  • Merchant
  • Make Payment
  • Transfer
  • Users
  • Settings
  • Site Builder
  • Linked Account
  • Coinpayment
  • Payment Gateway
  • Google Fonts
  • Online Documentation

Login Details:

Frontend: https://walleyum.tdevs.co

User Login: https://walleyum.tdevs.co/login
Email: [email protected], Password: 12345678

Admin Login: https://walleyum.tdevs.co/admin/login
Email: [email protected], Password: 12345678

Merchant Login: https://walleyum.tdevs.co/login
Email: [email protected], Password: 12345678

Online Documentation: https://tdevs.co/walleyum/docs

Free installation available. Please messege us with your purchage code at [email protected]


  • Font Awesome Icon
  • React Icons
  • Flaticon

Photo Credit:

  • Freepik
  • Pexels

Also Download: https://web4free.in/food-delivery-flutter-php-laravel-admin-panel/

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Download V 1.0.3 Now

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