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Vuexy v9.13.0 – Vuejs admin panel template – Free Download

Vuexy – Vuejs, React, Angular, HTML & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template

Vuexy – Vuejs, React, Angular, HTML & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template – is the most developer friendly & highly customisable Admin Dashboard Template based on Bootstrap 4 & 5, Bootstrap Vue & Reactstrap.

If you’re a developer looking for an admin dashboard that is developer-friendly, rich with features, and highly customizable look no further than Vuexy. We’ve followed the highest industry standards to bring you the very best admin template that is not only fast and easy to use but highly scalable. Offering ultimate convenience and flexibility, you’ll be able to build whatever application you want with very little hassle.

Demo: https://themeforest.net/item/vuexy-vuejs-html-laravel-admin-dashboard-template/23328599

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Build premium quality applications with ease

Use our innovative admin template to create eye-catching, high-quality, and high-performing single-page applications. Your apps will be completely responsive, ensuring they’ll look stunning and function flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Incredibly versatile, the Vuexy admin dashboard allows you to build any type of web application. For instance, you can create:

  • SaaS platforms
  • Project management apps
  • Ecommerce backends
  • CRM systems
  • Analytics apps
  • Banking apps
  • Education apps
  • Fitness apps
  • & many more….

Get started quickly

Vuexy is user-friendly and straightforward, making it fast and simple to get started. It also comes equipped with ready-to-go templates including two niche dashboards and carefully crafted 9 Applications :

  • Email
  • Chat
  • To-do list
  • Kanban (HTMl & Laravel Only for Now)
  • File Manager (HTMl & Laravel Only for Now)
  • Calendar
  • eCommerce
  • Invoice
  • User

Plus, it’s well documented, making it even simpler for you to get started and continue using starter-kit.

Make it your own

Vuexy offers easy and endless customization – including unlimited color options.

Make the most of our innovative features

Vuexy is equipped with invaluable features designed to help you create premium quality apps exactly as you imagine them. We’ve loaded the Vuexy admin template with unique and useful tools such as fuzzy search, bookmarks, floating nav bar, dark and semi-dark layout options, advance cards and charts. Find more useful features :

  • Laravel Starter Kit
  • Pure Vue js, No Jquery Dependency
  • Created with Vue CLI
  • Utilizes Vuex, Vue Router, Webpack
  • Code Splitting, Lazy loading
  • E-Commerce App with shop, wishlist, checkout pages
  • Drag & Drop Bookmarks to re-arrange
  • Carousel (Image Slider)
  • Clipboard (Copy to clipboard)
  • Context Menu
  • Scroll to top
  • Not authorised Page
  • Access Control (ACL)
  • Pricing
  • Blog
  • i18n Page
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • 2 chart libraries
  • 2 Dashboard
  • SASS Powered
  • Feather Icons
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Leaflet Map
  • Video Player
  • Drag & Drop
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Organized Folder Structure
  • Clean & Commented Code
  • Well Documented
  • FREE Lifetime Updates
  • 6 months of free support included

Enjoy hassle-free support

We offer six months of free support to every customer. We also offer multilingual support.

Get free lifetime updates

Every purchase of the Vuexy admin template is entitled to free updates – for life. This means you’ll benefit from every enhancement, improvement, and newly added feature indefinitely.


  • HTML, HTML + Laravel version use Bootstrap 4 & 5Laravel 8 framework and support Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera browsers.
  • VueJS version use Bootstrap Vue framework and support Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera browsers.
  • React version use reactstrap framework and support Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera browsers.
  • Angular version use NgBootstrap framework and support Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera browsers. RTL Support is not provided yet in Angular version.
  • To run HTML Version of the template, It is recommended to use any local server (i.e XAMPP, WAMP or Node, etc…) with a protocol “http://” to run this template as it uses AJAX technology as a part of its functionality. It may break some functionality if you opened directly from your HDD in a browser with a protocol “file:///…” (like “file:///C:/path/to/some_page.html”).
  • There are differences in between versions due to different frameworks and components availability. Please check respective demos of the particular version you are planning to buy. Consider asking a question in the live chat or via comments if you have any questions before buying the template.
  • Bootstrap 5 is supported in HTML version only.

Download Now

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Vuexy Admin Template

Vuexy VueJS Admin Template Vuexy HTML Admin Template
Vuexy VueJS Admin Template Vuexy HTML Admin Template
Vuexy VueJS Admin Template Vuexy HTML Admin Template
Vuexy VueJS Admin Template Vuexy HTML Admin Template

Vuexy Admin Template Vuexy Admin Template 06-vue-frameworks-and-libraries 07-react-frameworks-and-libraries.png 07-react-frameworks-and-libraries.png 08-html-useful-framework-and-libs 09-laravel-useful-framework-and-libs-v1 10-ultra-responsive 11-design-files

Inorder to Protect Piracy we masked original url with url Shortner kindly bypass and get your files. any Issues contact on telegram @cracyguy1
Password always: web4free.in

Download Vuexy Template Now


  • We have added Bootstrap 5 support in HTML, HTML + Laravel and React ?. Bootstrap 4 & 5 versions folder are separate in package. We will provide Bootstrap 4 support for bug fixes only. New features will be added in Bootstrap 5.
  • In Vuexy’s GitLabs repository, use branch v6.x for bootstrap 4 support & use branch v7.x for bootstrap 5 support.
  • Jetstream support is enabled for HTML + Laravel version only. It will not work with Vue + Laravel version.

[8.1.0] – 2022-03-25

Download V8.1.0 Now



  • Added React router 6 support
  • Added React Hot Toast
  • Added Register With Multi-steps Page


  • Updated Core structure to accommodate react router 6 update
  • Updated router, app and index files
  • Updated Horizontal Menu to use Popper for better control


  • Removed React Router 5
  • Removed Toastr

HTML + Laravel


  • Browsersync Support


  • Updated Laravel Framework to v9.0
  • Updated Installation Process


  • Fixed autoload compatibility issue in Helper.php
  • Fixed Apexchart’s Card overlap issue
  • Fixed File Input validation issue in Dark Mode

Vue + Laravel


  • Browsersync Support


  • Updated Laravel Framework to v9.0

[8.0.0] – 2021-12-01


Download V8.0 Now https://mir.cr/8YTSHDRE



  • Roles & Permission app
  • Account Settings
  • Useful modal examples Added
    • Share project
    • Add/Edit New Card
    • Pricing
    • Refer & Earn
    • Add New Address
    • Create App
    • Two factor authentication
    • Edit User
  • Create Account – Register – Multisteps modal
  • Two steps Authentication pages
  • API key page
  • Licenses Page
  • Verify Email Pages
  • Offcanvas Component Page
  • i18next for translation
  • redux-toolkit for store
  • react-dropzone for file upload
  • RC Input Number for number input


  • Updated Bootstrap to V5.1.0
  • Updated Reactstrap to V9.0.1
  • Updated Third-party plugins to Stable versions
  • Updated eslint
  • Updated Account Settings Page
  • Updated Users App


  • Removed Carousel
  • Removed Leaflet Maps
  • Removed Reactstrap Validation
  • Removed react-intl
  • Removed redux
  • Removed uppy
  • Removed custom number input



  • Update Angular version 13 ?
  • Update NgBootstrap 11.0.0-rc.0
  • Update Bootstrap 4.6.1


  • Form repeater container layout
  • Set NgSelect close icon on right side


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