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UpdraftPlus Premium v2.23.13.26 – WordPress backup plugin – Free Download

UpdraftPlus Premium – WordPress backup plugin

UpdraftPlus Premium is the world’s most trusted WordPress backup plugin. Your site is vulnerable to things like hacking, server crashes, dodgy updates, and custom errors. This is why you should use UpdraftPlus , the highest rated and most popular WordPress backup plugin.

Info: https://updraftplus.com/shop/updraftplus-premium/

The UpdraftPlus Enterprise, Agency, Business and Personal all-in-one deals will get you…
All UpdraftPlus add-ons. And there are a lot. With this single plugin, you’ll get incremental backups, multiple storage destinations, automatic backup before updates, migrator, WP-CLI integration, importer, enhanced reporting, no adverts, fix backup time, more files, more database options, multisite/network, WebDAV, Microsoft OneDrive, SFTP/FTPS/SCP, enhanced support for Dropbox (sub-folders), Rackspace, Cloud Files, Amazon S3

(Standard and Standard – Infrequent Access Storage classes) and Google Drive (sub-folders). Find out more on our home page.
Free updates, including new Add-Ons when they become available, for a year.
Free support via forum and email for a year.
Free storage a year’s 1GB subscription to UpdraftVault, our own remote storage product

Free tokens for UpdraftClone. Allows you to create a cloned test site instantly and directly (Please see FAQs below for details)
Note: Select renewal type as automatic for 40% off annual renewals** so your UpdraftPlus is always compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It means regular updates, new features and support when you need it. You can cancel at any time.

* Our 3 in 1 Premium Gold package includes all of the above – and the following features:
Unlimited UpdraftPlus licences (includes all addons and 10 Clone tokens so you can ‘copy & paste’ sites to temporary clones in a couple of clicks)

Unlimited annual UpdraftCentral Cloud subscription – a powerful tool that allows you to manage, backup, update and do many things on every site from one simple dashboard. Try it free for up to 5 sites when signed into UpdraftPlus.com here.
Additional 50GB UpdraftVault storage – our own AWS-backed storage which is designed to work seamlessly for all your backups
Premium Gold is our ultimate premium package that offers massive savings. By purchasing the Premium Gold package, you will be getting $912 worth of exclusive features for only $478!

That’s an incredible SAVING of $434 a year!

**Please note that the Gold package is not eligible for the 40% renewal discount.

FAQs about licencing, pricing and updates policy:
Q. Why only one year of updates?
A. This is the standard for WordPress premium plugins. It means that we can afford to continue developing high-quality, tested updates that include new features customers have asked for.

Q. Does the software still work after a year?
A. Yes, absolutely! It’s only access to new updates that becomes unavailable after a year (unless you renew). Your existing installed software will carry on happily, updates or no updates.

Q. Can’t you make the prices lower?
A. Our product is extremely good value. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the competition! And if you’ve ever had re-developing a website that’s been lost or corrupted, or copying/migrating one by hand, you’ll really appreciate making the investment!

Q. How much will it cost to renew access to your latest version / updates after a year?
A. After a year, all those who purchased UpdraftPlus Premium will receive a discount, which all purchasers are eligible for. It is currently set at 40% (and has been continuously since 2013).

Q. Are there discounts for upgrading from one version to another?
A. Yes: get the coupon codes here.

Q. I bought UpdraftPlus in the days when you offered lifetime updates (until early August 2013). Will you be honouring that promise?
A. Yes. Our word is our bond. If you bought lifetime updates, then you will get them. However, we do recommend that you renew your access to support after the 12-months free support period.

Q. How many licences does a WordPress Network (WPMU) install use?
A. One. The licences are per-WordPress-install. It does not matter whether the install is WPMU or not.

Q. Can I recycle licences from one site to another?
A. Yes. Licences are assigned to specific URLs (i.e. site addresses, like www.mysite.com). However, if you de-install UpdraftPlus from a site, then after 30 days the licence can be released and used to install on another site. You can do this from the licence page in your account. You can also re-install your site as many times as you like at the same URL without the need for another licence. Holders of ‘unlimited’ licences can also delete licences at any time. Note, we have very cheap upgrades to get more licences, including unlimited licences: find the coupon codes here.

Q. Please tell me more about UpdraftVault, your remote storage option.
A. Please go here for comprehensive UpdraftVault information. The FAQs linked at that link constitute the UpdraftVault product description and user agreement.

Q. How many free tokens do I receive for UpdraftClone when I upgrade to UpdraftPlus Premium?
A. The number of free tokens is dependent on what licence type you upgrade to. Personal licence = 1 UpdraftClone token. Business licence = 2 UpdraftClone tokens. Agency licence = 5 UpdraftClone tokens. Enterprise licence = 10 UpdraftClone tokens. Additional tokens can be purchased here.

Q. How often will I be billed for my Premium subscription
A. All Premium subscriptions have an annual billing cycle, so you will be charged each year unless the subscription is cancelled.

Q. How do I receive the 40% renewal discount for the subscription?
A. The 40% discount is automatically applied for each renewal purchase. This is reflected in your subscription information on the My Account page.

Q. How can I cancel my subscription? What happens to my licences?
A. The subscription can be cancelled at any time from your My Account page. If the subscription is cancelled, your licences will expire at the end of the billing period as normal.

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Download UpdraftPlus Premium Now

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