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Uncanny Automator v3.3.0 – WordPress Plugin – Free Download

Uncanny automator plugin for WordPress

Uncanny automator Connect your WordPress plugins, WordPress sites and your favourite apps. Create powerful workflows in minutes with no coding required. Slash custom development and plugin costs!

Uncanny Automator – Automate everything with the no-code Automation tool  for WordPress – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

Automate everything in WordPress

Every WordPress site owner knows the pain of using too many plugins and apps that can’t talk to each other. With Uncanny Automator, use your existing plugins, sites and apps to build powerful workflows that do everything automatically. Control exactly what happens with every form submission, user registration, product purchase and more. Set up your first automation in 5 minutes!

When something happens…

Choose exactly what starts your automations. Maybe it’s a page visit, a course completion, a new form entry, even incoming webhook data from another site.

Automator WPForms submission

Make other things happen!

Add users to a membership level, change their role, add data to Google Sheets or more. You decide! You can even delay actions and send data to other apps.

Let Automator do the work

Automations run automatically, freeing up your time and letting you build no-code integrations for everything! Say goodbye to plugin add-ons and development.

Uncanny Automator

plugins & apps


routine tasks


no-code builder




expensive tools


time and money

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Download V3.3.0 Now

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