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ProAjax v1.3 – Automatically Ajaxify Your Laravel Application

No matter how complex or simple your application is, it all turns down to the user experience. With AJAX, simple things like submitting the form, populating an HTML element, or anything of that sort makes your application much faster and more user-friendly.

ProAjax comes with many great features. The best part about it is that it works with your existing Laravel Application. You do not need to configure anything. In fact, you can use ProAjax without touching JavaScript at all.

No need to do something like if $request->ajax(). We automatically do that for you. You do not need to modify your Laravel application.

Check out the demo to see it for yourself.

Updated to work with Laravel 5.7!

PLEASE NOTE: ProAjax works out of the box with laravel 5.0+. With versions below 5.0, additional code modifications are required!

Demo:- https://fkref.com/?D3qYlMQG

Download:- https://www.file-upload.com/90qaazxphx6l

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