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Pencil v3.0 – The Retail Store and Distribution Software

Whats New in Pencil v3.0

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  1. Top Customer report
  2. Top Salesman report
  3. Brands report
  4. sections report
  5. Companywisr report
  6. Store wise report
  7. SKU wise report
  8. Return report
  9. Bank Collection
  10. Directly add to stock from purchase
  11. Directly reduce to stock from purchase return
  12. Purchase Order
  13. Salesman
  14. Orderlist for salesman
  15. Multi Store
  16. Account holder opening balances
  17. Bank expense
  18. Debit Voucher
  19. Add Services for other incomes
  20. Company registration
  21. Estimates
  22. Service base sales receipt
  23. New responsive navigation bar


  1. Point of sale
  2. Offer Discounts
  3. Credit sales
  4. View invoices and manage it
  5. Seprate Pos for return items
  6. Offer Discounts
  7. Asign multiple roles
  8. Add items and manage it
  9. Upload items through CSV
  10. Add stock and pending stock
  11. Add items and manage it
  12. Add categories
  13. Report for expired stock
  14. Out of stock alert notification
  15. Stock reports
  16. Multicolor settings
  17. Sales report
  18. Return report
  19. Multicolor settings
  20. User profile
  21. Add supplier and manage it
  22. Supplier payments
  23. Add banks
  24. Add Cheques and manage it
  25. Add Deposits and manage it
  26. Bank book
  27. Create and Return purchases and manage it
  28. Add drivers and manage it
  29. Add vehicles and manage it
  30. Wholes POS for retialers
  31. Create Brands, Brand sector, Units, Regions ,Town, Store locations and manage it
  32. Expenses
  33. Customer and supplier ledger
  34. Chart of accounts
  35. Journal voucher and opening balance
  36. General Journal, Blancesheet, Incomestatment, Trial Balance, Ledger account
  37. Add requested items
  38. Add Users and manage it
  39. Take and restore backups
  40. Printer settings
  41. Top Customer report
  42. Top Salesman report
  43. Brands report
  44. sections report
  45. Companywisr report
  46. Store wise report
  47. SKU wise report
  48. Return report
  49. Bank Collection
  50. Directly add to stock from purchase
  51. Directly reduce to stock from purchase return
  52. Purchase Order
  53. Salesman
  54. Orderlist for salesman
  55. Multi Store
  56. Account holder opening balances
  57. Bank expense
  58. Debit Voucher
  59. Add Services for other incomes
  60. Company registration
  61. Estimates
  62. Service base sales receipt
  63. New responsive navigation bar
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