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New User Approve Premium v1.8 NULLED

On a regular WordPress site, when a new user logs in, he is created in the database. Then the email is sent to the new user with his credentials. Very simple. As it should be. The New User Approve plugin modifies the registration process. When a user registers on the site, he is created, and then an email is sent to the site administrator. The administrator is expected to approve or reject the registration request. An email is then sent to the user indicating whether they were approved or rejected. If the user has been approved, the email will contain login credentials. Until the user is approved, he will not be able to enter the site.
Only authorized users will be allowed to enter the site. Users who are pending approval, as well as rejected users, will not be able to access the site.

Off. Website: http://newuserapprove.com/

User status can be updated even after initial approval / rejection. Each user that existed before the activation of the new user will be considered an approved user.
 Premium features

Provide the ability to remove plugin statistics from the admin
panel Remove the admin panel specially added to update user status from the WordPress dashboard.
Customize the welcome message displayed above the login form in Wordpress.
Set the “Waiting for an error message” displayed when a user tries to log in, but his account is still awaiting approval.
Configure the “Rejected Error Message” displayed when a user tries to log in, but his account is rejected.
Customize the welcome message displayed above the WordPress signup form.
Configure the registration completion message displayed after the user submits the registration form for approval.
Provide the ability to send email notifications to all administrators.
Notify administrators when user status is updated.
Disable email notifications for the current site administrator.
Configure the email address sent to the administrator when the user registers on the site.
Configure the email sent to the user when his profile is approved. .
Configure email sent to the user when his profile is denied.
Suppress rejection notification
Provides the ability to send all notifications in the form of HTML.

It provides you with various template tags that can be used in email notifications and other messages on the site.

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