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Master OpenCV4 like a pro while learning Dlib, Deep Learning Computer Vision (Keras, TensorFlow & Caffe) + 21 Projects!


  • Little to no programming knowledge is needed, but basic programing knowledge will help
  • Windows 10 or Ubuntu or a MacOS system
  • A webcam to implement some of the mini projects


Welcome to one of the most thorough and well-taught courses on OpenCV, where you’ll learn how to Master Computer Vision using the newest version of OpenCV4 in Python!


Computer Vision is an area of Artificial Intelligence that deals with how computer algorithms can decipher what they see in images! Master this incredible skill and be able to complete your University/College Projects, automate something at work, start developing your startup idea or gain the skills to become a high paying ($400-$1000 USD/Day) Computer Vision Engineer.


  1. Live Drawing Sketch using your webcam
  2. Identifying Shapes
  3. Counting Circles and Ellipses
  4. Finding Waldo
  5. Single Object Detectors using OpenCV
  6. Car and Pedestrian Detector using Cascade Classifiers
  7. Live Face Swapper (like MSQRD & Snapchat filters!!!)
  8. Yawn Detector and Counter
  9. Handwritten Digit Classification
  10. Facial Recognition
  11. Ball Tracking
  12. Photo-Restoration
  13. Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ALPR)
  14. Neural Style Transfer Mini Project
  15. Multi Object Detection in OpenCV (up to 90 Objects!) using SSD (Single Shot Detector)
  16. Colorize Black & White Photos and Video

Deep Learning Projects Include:

  1. Build a Handwritten Digit Classifier
  2. Build a Multi Image Classifier
  3. Build a Cats vs Dogs Classifier
  4. Understand how to boost CNN performance using Data Augmentation
  5. Extract and Classify Credit Card Numbers


You get 3+ Hours of Deep Learning in Computer Vision using Keras, which includes:

  • A free Virtual Machine with all Deep Learning Python Libraries such as Keras and TensorFlow pre-installed
  • Detailed Explanations on Neural Networks and Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Understand how Keras works and how to use and create image datasets
  • Build a Handwritten Digit Classifier
  • Build a Multi-Image Classifier
  • Build a Cats vs Dogs Classifier
  • Understand how to boost CNN performance using Data Augmentation
  • Extract and Classify Credit Card Numbers

So, are you ready to get started? Enroll now and start the process of becoming a master in Computer Vision today!Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who have an interest in computer vision
  • College students looking to get a head start before starting computer vision research
  • Anyone curious using Deep Learning for Computer Vision
  • Entrepreneurs looking to implement computer vision startup ideas
  • Hobbyists wanting to make a cool computer vision prototype
  • Software Developers and Engineers wanting to develop a computer vision skillset
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