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Khatrain v1.0 – Android App Source Code – Free Download

Khatrain – Android App Source Code

Khatrain application is must have for Indian Railways daily commuters. It is ultra fast and comes with many features like PNR status, train schedule, train running status, trains between stations, seat availability, fare details, ticket booking alarm etc.

The application provides easy to save and share options for PNR status and Train info

Demo: https://www.codester.com/items/32054/khatrain-android-app-source-code


eatures Check PNR status Real time running status of train. Get train schedule. Application saves the details so that they can be viewed later. Trains between stations Seat availability Fare enquiry for any train of Indian Railways.
Search for trains leaving from stations Admob With Banner And Interstitial Ads Integrated Android Studio Code With Latest Version 4.0.1 Latest UI With Material Design Rate App,More App And Share App All Device Combability What You Get Full Android Source Code Admob Ads Integration Full Document with Screen Shot. Spotting Train Accurately Get live train status of Indian Railways anytime, anywhere. When you are traveling on a train, this feature can work without internet or GPS as it uses cell tower information to find the location.
You can share current train location with your friends & family via the share feature. You can also set an alarm to wake you up at a fixed time before your railway station arrives. Offline Train Schedules The train app has the Indian Railways timetable offline. You don’t have to know train number or names as our Smart search feature allows you to use train source & destination or partial train names even with spelling errors.


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The application provides easy to save and share options for PNR status and Train info.

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