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iThemes Security Pro v8.0.3 – Nulled Free Download

iThemes Security Pro

The best WordPress security plugin, Better WP Security, is now… iThemes Security shows you a list of things to do to make your site more secure with a simple way to turn options on or off. We’ve simplified these steps and provided descriptions of each action so you know exactly what’s happening on your site. You shouldn’t have to be a security pro to use a security plugin. And isn’t that the point? You Can Also Check this Post. TopDeal Theme for Wordpress

Demo: https://ithemes.com/security/


You need a WordPress security plan to
keep the bad guys out.

All effective website security strategies need these three things: Preparation, Prevention, and Detection

1. Prepare

Effective WordPress security takes education. Armed with a set of WordPress security best practices, you’ll be prepared to lock down, secure, and protect your site.

2. Prevent

Know the concrete actions you can take to prevent a hack or security breach from being successful. Anyone who uses your site needs to do their part to prevent targeted, frequent attacks on your website.

3. Detect

If someone manages to hack into your site, you need to know as quickly as possible to limit the damage they can do. Detection is a key part of an overall security strategy to help be much more resilient against a successful attack.

The iThemes Security Pro plugin works 24/7 to secure your site so you can rest a little easier.


Stops automated attacks

Brute force attacks refer to the trial and error method used to discover usernames and passwords to hack into a website. WordPress doesn’t track any user login activity, so there isn’t anything built into WordPress to protect you from a brute force attack. iThemes Security Pro works to secure and protect the most attacked part of your website, the WordPress login, by blocking these automated attacks.

Monitors for suspicious activity

iThemes Security Pro keeps track of important security events that occur on your website. These events are important to monitor to indicate if or when a security breach occurs. The information found in these records can be used to lockout bad actors, highlight an unwanted change on the site, and help to identify and patch the point of entry of a successful attack.

Strengthens user credentials

The iThemes Security plugin offers several layers of user security protection, from strong password requirements to two-factor authentication to passwordless logins. These important security measures decrease the likelihood that a privileged user account can be used to successfully hack into a site.

Scans for vulnerable plugins and themes to apply updates

The iThemes Security Pro Site Scanner is our way to secure and protect your WordPress website from the number one cause of all software hacks. The Site Scanner checks your site for known vulnerabilities and automatically apply a patch if one is available.

Blocks bad bots and reduces spam

The Google reCAPTCHA feature in iThemes Security Pro protects your site from bad bots. These bots are trying to break into your website using compromised passwords, posting spam, or even scraping your content. reCAPTCHA uses advanced risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart.

Automatically takes actions on your behalf to secure your site

One of the best parts of the iThemes Security plugin is the actions it will automatically take to secure your site. iThemes Security automatically locks out users, bans user agents and IP addresses, applies version updates, and more, all on your behalf.

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