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Instasocial v1.0 – An Instagram like social media app with creative filters and editing tools

Instasocial is a product of bsetec, an user friendly mobile application that is more alike instagram and lets you create a personalized app similar to instagram at ease. This app is packed with numerous features that lets you capture and share the highlights and the things you love. Make use of the image or video filters coupled with editing features and make interactive posts with likes and comments. Discover and browse through photos or videos from the friends you follow and see what they’re up to. Above all, the application is clean coded and well documented for easier configuration and customization. In addition, a detailed technical documentation is provided for better understandability.

Android Side Features

  1. Native mobile application with full source code
  2. UI with Material design
  3. Login & Registration
  4. Facebook login
  5. Record video
  6. Capture your moments
  7. Attractive media filters
  8. Edit your own posts
  9. Report inappropriate posts
  10. Comment and like posts
  11. Explore people
  12. Follow & unfollow users
  13. Block users
  14. Profile with account settings
  15. Admob Ads – Banner & Interstitial
  16. Enable or disable Ads
  17. Firebase analytics
  18. Onesignal notification
  19. Clean & customizable code
Instasocial - An Instagram like social media app with creative filters and editing tools - 1

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