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ImageX v1.3 – Website Images and Photos Upload & Managment without Database

ImageX – Website Images and Photos Upload & Managment without Database

ImageX is a PHP Script that let you upload and manage Photos/Images on your Website. It give you also the possiblity to create or rename folders, where your images will be saved.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/website-images-and-photos-upload-managment-without-database-imagex/20959817

Also if you already have a Folder with images on your server, this script let you manage them very easily. Very simple and intuitive, this script do not use any database and can be installed on any website in 1 Minute with the very simple installation Wizard. With Ajax and Drag & Drop upload interface, makes the use of it very easy and smooth.

Without a need of a Database, ImageX is able to be installed on the most Hosting & Servers and to be easily integrated on your Back-End. Everything works on the physically files and folders of your website!

Demo Credentials

Link: Demo Link

 PW: admin-imagex

image upload script

No Database needed

Very easy and simple installation Wizard

Very easy Drag & Drop Image upload


One-Click Image Rotation, Download and Delete Options

Simple Folder creation, Rename and Delete options

Make and upload your Photos everywhere

Some Important Features

✔ No Database needed
✔ Drag & Drop Upload
✔ Multiple Upload
✔ Optional add a simple Login
✔ One-Click Image Download
✔ One-Click complete Category Download
✔ One-Click all images from all Categorys Download
✔ Manage also images uploaded by FTP

✔ Organize your images by folders
✔ Folder Managment (Create, Rename or Delete)
✔ The Script also recognize your folders (Just put your Folders with images inside the ImageX Top Folder and they can also be managed by ImageX)
✔ Ajax search by Filename
✔ Very helpfull Once-Click Copy Image link or image html Tag
✔ Once-Click Delete Image
✔ Possiblity to delete all Images at once by Folder
✔ Original Image Rotation with one Click
✔ SSL support
✔ Ajax interface
✔ Po Edit translation ready (You can use your aleady on server mo file to translate. Just need to scrape from files.)
✔ Automated installation wizard
✔ Very easy to implement on every Website


Server Requirements

– PHP 7 or later
– GD Extension



Download V1.3 Now

+ Version 1.3, 30/11/2017
----- [FIX] - Bug fix on the option to download all image folders at once

*********************** Changed Files *********************** 
----- [Changed files] imagex.php

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