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Hosting Billing v2.0.1 Nulled – Domain and Web Hosting Invoicing System with CMS – Free Download

Hosting Billing – Domain and Web Hosting Invoicing System with CMS

Hosting Billing is a client management and invoicing system for web hosting and domain registration resellers. It comes packed with features that are designed to automate your daily tasks, saving you time and money.

Demo:- https://codecanyon.net/item/hosting-billing-domain-and-hosting-invoicing-system/26531743

Also Checkout: https://web4free.in/dooo-movie-web-series-portal-app/

Hosting Billing - Domain and Web Hosting Invoicing System with CMS - 1

Hosting Billing - Domain and Web Hosting Invoicing System with CMS - 2

Here is What’s New in Hosting Billing

We had to wait a long time to make it available at a significant change in the kernel codes. So first, we completed rewriting some legacy codes, removed legacy libraries, and you can run it on the latest version of PHP. We have removed support for PHP 7.4. Now minimum PHP version requires PHP 8.0 to run it.

Next, we have updated the UI to the latest Bootstrap 5.

We have also updated the Plesk plugin, which you can download free from us.

Most users want to set a color scheme that matches their brands. Previously you had to do this by customizing the CSS or overriding the files. Now, you can set them directly from Appearance -> Theme.

You can now filter customers by group on the list of customers in the admin view. We have also improved on customer profile view and other areas.

On the list of invoices, you will find advanced filter options like by staff, by customer group, and many more.

On the view invoice, you will find a direct link to send invoice preview via WhatsApp and a direct phone to SMS link. The Twilio SMS integration has now updated the library.

Hosting Billing

Now, you can override the default invoice pdf with a custom one. To do this, rename the file system/overrides/invoice_pdf.sample.php to invoice_pdf.php and start customizing it. By doing this, your customization will not override even if you update and replace the app.

We have also made improvements to the Sales and Invoice reports.

This update also supports the free “updater” plugin. This tool can quickly back up your database and update future releases.

How to Update?

To update, keep a complete backup of your files and the database. After that, replace all files with the new update. For example, you can upload the hostbilling.zip file and then unzip it directly into your server so that it can replace files.

After replacing the files, log in to your admin and refresh the page. It will redirect to a page to update the related database schema, and you may refresh the page. Then it will redirect to the admin dashboard.

Download Host Billing V2.0.1 Now

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