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FluxNews v2.5.0 – Flutter mobile app for Wordpress – Free Download

FluxNews – Flutter mobile app for Wordpress

FluxNews is a native flutter mobile App that does magic for your WordPress website of Blog, News, Magazine, Cooking, etc. This app converts your WordPress website into a truly native mobile App on both iOS and Android with customized content within a fillip. Users are able to add posts, ads; update the design/UI of the app without resubmitting App Stores.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/fluxnews-fluxnews-flutter-mobile-app-for-wordpress/24569377

What is “customized content”? FluxNews transfers exactly all contents with different formats that you created in WordPress website into your mobile app. To engage with customers on mobile, we need a mobile app. FluxNews maximizes your customer’s experience and usability through UX flow in both Android and iOs with impressive UI design and rich functionalities. Take your online business to the next level.

Flutter App Builder: FluxBuilder - FluxStore  app App Builder: blog-news-fluxnews-flutter-mobile-app-for-wordpress

FluxNews - Flutter mobile app for Wordpress - 4 FluxNews - Flutter mobile app for Wordpress - 5

FluxNews - Flutter mobile app for Wordpress - 6 FluxNews - Flutter mobile app for Wordpress - 7 FluxNews - Flutter mobile app for Wordpress - 8

FluxNews - Flutter mobile app for Wordpress - 9

Demo iOSAndroidVideo
Demo website https://news.inspireui.com
Plugins https://www.notion.so/Plugins
Document guide https://support.inspireui.com , trial
Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/inspireui
Medium Blog https://medium.com/inspireui
Official Site https://fluxstore.app
Company site https://inspireui.com

Available Features

Compatible with WordPress site – create the app on both iOS and Android for your WordPress site by using the default Rest API from WordPress to synchronize both sides.

Instance Synchronization – from mobile to the server and vice versa, the data will be updated smoothly and instantly.

Multi Homepage Templates – many rebuild Homepage Layouts, easy to customize to make your own elegant theme, by using the powerful Widgets from the FluxNews (link)

Great UX design – smooth homepage and post navigation, varies built-int Flutter widget, quick blogs filter, searching keyword history, etc.

Flexible Design System – easy to config the Homepage, Category, Blog, TabBars with a bunch of built-in components:

  • Banner Slider
  • Banner Grouping
  • Multi-column Blog view
  • New 4 styles of TabBar (link)
  • New Category Layout Home (link)
  • 3 difference sexy Blog Detail screen types
  • Unlimited UI/Design by the drag&drop FluxBuilder (link)

New Fonts Size Adjustment – 3 levels of the font size to view easily (link)

Post Management – Author role can manage his posts and create new post (link)

Audios, Videos, Images, Links – show smoothly in Description:

Multi Languages, RTL – support more than 26 languages and more (link):

Push Notifications – Vendor is easy to send notifications to his users via:

  • Firebase
  • OneSignal
  • History messages
  • In-app notification (link)

Social Login – easy to register or sign up with:

  • Apple login
  • Facebook login
  • Google login
  • Email login
  • SMS Login by Firebase Auth

Advertisement – support ads such as Banner, Interstitial, Reward:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Admob

Powerful User Settings – rich functionalities:

  • View WishList
  • Switch languages
  • Smart Chat setting
  • Enable Dark theme
  • Rate app on App Stores
  • Enable Push Notification
  • Page View and Web View

Smart Chat – easy to chat with Admin via:

  • Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, SMS, Phone call, Gmail, etc.
  • Support the Intercom Service
  • Firebase Realtime Chat

Others – more features as below

  • User Comments: an email is sent to Administrator for review and approval.
  • Firebase Dynamic Link: routing the users from website to open your app
  • Powerful Option Config: enable Require Login, Hero animation
  • Share Contents: share with all Social platforms
  • MacOS version
  • PWA

Ultimate Membership – a Subscription Plans Sign Up feature and available for the extended license (link)

Offline Images Caching – speed up the loading performance with caching image offline method.

Google Analytics – easy to track the user online and number of registration via Firebase as the realtime.
 60 frames per second (fps) app – working really well on both iOS and Android.

Perfect splash animation by using new Flare design tools – https://rive.app, compatible with Rive app version 2.

Easy Customization and While-labeling – support fully custom by getting the full source code package, design assets, free extra API.

What will you get with regular license?

  • Full Dart source code for both iOS and Android
  • Well documentation to install, build, publish App Stores
  • Free Video tutorial, refer to InspireUI Channel
  • Free Splash screen animate by Flare
  • Private Gitlab repo to download the previous version
  • Private Facebook Group to sharing knowledge
  • Free translating service
  • One time purchase, Lifetime upgrade
  • Free drag&drop FluxBuilder tool:
    • Use more than 10 templates
    • Customize Design/UI by drag&drop
    • Save the Design for the next time update
    • Import & export the Design
    • Update the Design without re-publishing
    • Customize basic features of FluxStore apps
    • Import & export the features customization

What will you get with extended license?

Same as the regular one and more:
More support
Ultimate Membership User – a Subscription Plans Sign Up feature
+ Extended features of the drag&drop FluxBuilder:

  • Sync the Design/Features without re-publishing
  • Automatically update app name, icon, bundle id
  • Automatically build APK file (Android)
  • Automatically build IPA file (iOS)
  • and more features are coming

Download V2.5.0 Now

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