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Exertio v1.1.5 – Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme – Free Download

Exertio – Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme

Exertio is a premium WordPress Thame that allows you to build and run your freelance services and project hosting website like Freelance.com, Fiverr or Upwork with a commission based system. Your users can create employer and freelance accounts for free.

Info: https://themeforest.net/item/exertio-freela…-theme/30602587

Exertio is a fully featured and powerful WordPress Marketplace theme specially designed for service based business owners to grow their online business. Whether your business is small or large, fully functional, this most advanced marketplace WordPress theme will help you create a fully functional website. The Exertio theme is designed with excellent code quality and design requirements in mind. It has been designed and developed using market research to make it compatible with users looking for the best marketplace website. It has been designed to provide the best user experience for end users.

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Demo Login Credentials

Email:[email protected]

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Freelancing Marketplace Directory WordPress Theme

Exertio is a premium WordPress Theme that allowed you to create and launch your Freelancing services and project posting marketplace website. You can create a similar Freelance.com, Fiverr, or Upwork portal with a commission-based system. Your users can create Employer and freelancer accounts free of cost within a minute.

Exertio is a fully-featured and super powerful Marketplace WordPress theme especially designed for service-based business owners to grow their business online. Whether your business is a small or a large fully functional business, this most advanced freelancing WordPress theme will help you create a full feature-packed website.

We have developed the Exertio Theme using excellent code quality and design needs. Our team has designed and developed this theme using market research to make it compatible with the users need who are looking for the best marketplace website. It creates the best user experience for the end-users.

Here are some of the Exertio Directory Theme features:

    • Milestone creation
    • Invite freelancers for a project
    • Edit Proposals
    • Payout Creation Manually or auto
    • Elementor Header Footer
    • Report Freelancer, Employer, Project, Service
    • Email Verification
    • Identity verification
    • Registration and login
    • Social Media Logins Facebook or google etc.
    • Profile creation for Freelancer,
    • Services posting
    • Addon creation
    • Paid server or free services
    • Services images and videos
    • Frequently Asked Questions for services
    • Featured services
    • Commission system from completed services
    • Mark as saved services
    • Projects Posting
    • Paid project or free.
    • Micro earnings
    • Bidding system on projects.
    • Freelancer Rating
    • Featured Bid, top Bid, Sticky Bid Paid separately
    • Wallet system
    • Woo Commerce.
    • Elementor Page Builder
    • Contact for 7
    • Redux Theme Options
    • Payouts
    • 1 Click Demo Imp.
    • Lang.Translation ready
    • Latest Bootstrap 5
    • Latest JQuery
    • HTML5 & CSS3
    • Truly Responsive
    • Clean and Creative Design
    • Easy to Customize
    • Completely Reusable Section
    • Targeted Ad Spots
    • Smart and creative Category Grid
    • Multiple Listing Style
    • Cross-Browser Compatible
    • Complete User Dashboard
    • User Profile Pages
    • 404 and Contact Us Page
    • SEO Optimized
    • Well Managed Documentation
    • Advance Search Sidebar
    • and many more…

NOTE: we are not providing support for any kind of adult/dating website. If you want to make your website using our theme that is 18+, you can purchase it but do not expect support for illegal, Adult, or dating Websites.

This Theme is supported by WhizzChat WordPress Chat Plugin

Attention: Google maps Service has updated his policy. Please read details over here

Inorder to Protect Piracy we masked original url with url Shortner kindly bypass and get your files. any Issues contact on telegram @cracyguy1
Password always: web4free.in


– April 25, 2022 Updates: v 1.1.5

➡ https://mir.cr/1JIFS6MF

NOTE: Please do not forget to update the database after the theme update. this is necessary: https://jmp.sh/LOQrfk7

1:  Renew Option for expired Projects
2:  Email admin when the dispute is created on projects or services
3.  Employer, freelancer, projects, and services views on the detail page
4:  Total spending for the employer and earnings for a freelancer

5: Styling issue fixed
6: Proposal Amount issue fixed

Updates: v 1.1.1- December 22, 2021

1) Zoom API Key Error fixed
2) CSS Fixes

Download V1.0.10 Now

Updates: v 1.0.8 – September 08, 2021

Download V1.0.8 now

1) Single user Registration (please change it carefully as if you change it more than once it will create issues)
2) Front end-user selected Registration
3) Displayed OnGoing Services at admin side
4) Displayed Completed Services at admin side
5) Option to hide the project attachments from the non-registered users.
6) After registration, the user should be redirected to the freelancer/ Employer dashboard in both account creation with a single email.
7) Number of related services to show with theme options
8 ) Payout creation email to admin
9) Bid winner hid/show option on the project details page.
10) Processing fee while creating Payouts 
11) Employer project pagination issue resolved
12) Alert notification CSS issue
13) Admin can add money in user wallet manually
14) Employer side service fee added
15) Image upload issue with capital letters resolved.
16) Translation files updated
17) Style file updated
18) RTL issues fixed
19) Plugin updated
    • Updates: v 1.0.7- August 14, 2021
1) My Account/woo-commerce profile layout added
2) Remove wallet completely with on/Off option
3) Default profile redirection added after login and registration
4) On/Off for project ID/Service ID added
5) Links for freelancer profile added on project detail and proposal page
6) Free Package can not be purchased twice.
7) Freelancer Choose multiple languages
8 ) Manual approval for specific payment gateways even Auto approval active
9) Delete all users Issue fixed
10) Spell Mistakes corrected
11) Translation Added fro missing strings
12) Data Issue resolved in the project section
13) Skill issues more than 100% value resolved
14) Project fields hide/show option
15) Cancelled project from employer side resolved
16) Wallet Amount in ascending order
17) Proposal duplication after hired freelancer issue fixed
18) Profile image on chat messages fixed
19) Tax and shipping charges removed from packages and wallet amount purchase.
20) Plugin updated
21) Translation files updated
22) Style file updated
23) RTL issues fixed

Download Now V1.0.7

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