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Divi Ghoster v4.0.0 – WordPress Plugin For Divi

Instantly White Label Your Divi or Extra Website. Divi Ghoster removes all traces of the Divi or Extra theme from the front end, back end, and source code of your website. Custom brand your website in seconds.

Remove all traces of Divi or Extra from the back and the front end of a website

Divi Ghoster makes Divi or Extra completely invisible, no matter where someone looks.

Replace all Divi or Extra-related branding with your (or your client’s) own logo, color scheme

  • The Themes page on the back end of your website will now show your custom branded theme instead of Divi or Extra.
  • The Divi Builder will still be available, but it won’t be called the Divi Builder anymore. The Divi logo and brand name will be replaced by your own logo and brand name, or your client’s logo and brand name.

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