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ChargePanda v1.2.1 – Sell Downloads, Files and Services (PHP Script)

How it works?

  1. You create a service, set your service/files price from the admin panel.
  2. Your customer pay for the created service by placing an Order from the client area or Frontend.
  3. You complete the task to complete/fulfil the order.
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Features Highlights:

Sell Services:

ChargePanda is designed to help you to sell your services like you sell on different marketplaces like Fiverr.com. By selling your services on your own website you can save a lot of money that you pay in term of Commission or Platform fees. Our product is not limited to a specific niche, you can sell any kind of service you want i.e. Web Development Service, Article writing, graphic design, etc.

Sell Files or Downloads:

Our Product also helps you to sell files and digital downloads with ease. For example, you want to sell your software, plugin or WordPress theme, simple attach your files with the service while creating it. After successful payment, the files will be available to your customer on Order detail Page.

Messaging System:

Effective communication is key to success. Keeping this in the mind we have a messaging system in our Product that helps the customers and seller to communicate with each other by sending and receiving messages regarding to the ordered Service.

Notifications / Bell Icon:

A notification system similar to Facebook keep the customers and the admin updated via bell icon. Whenever a new order placed or a new message arrived a red notification on the bell icon will indicate the new notification.

Pre-Order Query:

This feature let the customers to contact the admin/seller before buying the service or file. Every service contains a button helps the customer to quickly send an email to the seller/admin.

Addon System:

You can boost your earnings by creating and attaching the addons with the service. For example, if you are selling a service in $10 and delivery time is 3 days. You can attach an addon Fast delivery that will charge your customer additional $5 or specific amount for the Fast delivery.

VAT System:

This feature let you to configure tax rules for the services or products you sell with ChargePanda. You can set country-wide and state-wide tax or even set tax by states.

Multiple Payment Methods:

ChargePanda comes with 3 Payment methods (Stripe, PayPal and Offline Payments) out of the box. We are adding more Payment methods in coming versions and you can request the Payment method you wish to use in our product.

Checkout Form Builder:

This feature helps you to create unlimited custom forms with a drag and drop interface. Which can be attached to a service while creating it. For example, you sell Graphic services and you need sample logos while placing the order. Simply create a form and attach to the service and your customer will be required to upload the sample logos.

Multilingual Support:

This feature let you translate ChargePanda in your own language. There is no technical knowledge required. We have created a friendly User interface for you that help you to add new languages and add phrases in it in your own language. On the frontend your customers can switch the language in one click.

Social Login:

Our Product has a built-in support for social login. This feature let your customers to login/register with social networks to save time. Currently, ChargePanda allow your customers to login with Facebook and Envato right now. But we are adding more features in upcoming releases.

Email Verification System:

This feature let you to turn the email verification On and off. By keeping this feature on, you can avoid the spam customer emails.

Google reCaptcha v3:

ChagrePanda has a built-in support for Google reCaptcha v3 that protect your site from Spam and abuse. You can simply enable/disable the reCAPTCHA from the admin panel. reCAPTCHA is a free security service by Google that protects your websites from spam and abuse.

Site Branding and Styling:

This feature allow you to upload your brand or business logo to display it on the frontend in the header. And the Custom Styling area allow you to write the custom CSS to change the look and feel of the site on the front-end.

Private Site:

This option let you to turn your site into Private site. In private mode, customers will need to register and login to view the services and placing an order.

Custom JavaScript Scripts:

Helps you to add the custom JavaScript or tracking codes like Google Analytics, ShareThis, etc. in header or footer without modifying the template files.

Super Easy Installer:

To start using the ChargePanda on your server, we have developed a super easy installer for you that helps you to setup and configure the ChargePanda on your wesbite without any hassle.

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