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BeDrive Mobile v1.0.5 – Native Flutter Android and iOS app for File Storage PHP Script – Free Download

BeDrive Mobile – Native Flutter Android and iOS app for File Storage PHP Script

BeDrive Mobile is a file storage, management and sharing mobile app . It fully integrates with BeDrive web version and allows instant file synchronization between the two, while adding a number of extra features like offline storage, camera uploads, background transfers and more.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/bedrive-mobile-native-flutter-android-and-ios-app-for-file-storage-php-script/31088424


  • Performance – Smooth native 60fps performance on both  android and iOS.
  • Interface – Professional and user-friendly interface to make file management easy.
  • Synchronization – Files sync instantly between mobile app and BeDrive website.
  • Translations – App is fully translatable via the BeDrive website and can share the same translations.
  • Documentation – In depth documentation that explains how to change app branding, submit to app stores, make custom changes and more.

  • Colors – App colors can be easily changed via BeDrive website appearance editor and will be synced to app instantly.
  • Custom Pages – Show menu created via BeDrive menu manager in app about page.
  • Camera Upload- Take photo or record a video and upload it seamlessly to BeDrive.
  • Offline Storage – Store files on the device so they can be accessed even when offline.
  • Previews- Native preview for images, video, audio, text and more.
  • External Apps- Open files stored on BeDrive with other apps installed on the device. For example microsoft office.
  • Background Transfers – File uploads and downloads continue even when app is not in the foreground.
  • Light and Dark Mode – Both light and dark modes are included and are fully customizable via appearance editor.
  • Push Notifications – Automatic or manual push notifications via firebase on both android and iOS.
  • Transfers- Upload files from device to BeDrive or download files from BeDrive to device.
  • Cache – Images and file lists are cached locally so they can be viewed even when offline.
  • Starred Files – Star files or folders so you can find them easily from starred page later.
  • Search – Powerful search will find files and folders that are at any level of depth.
  • Sharing – Share files directly with people or create shareable links that can be used by multiple people to access files or folders.
  • Google Login- Native google login on android via firebase.

BeDrive Mobile - Native Flutter Android and iOS app for File Storage PHP Script - 1

Android .apk Download
iOS TestFlight Link
BeDrive Web CodecCanyon CodeCanyon Link
BeDrive Web Demo BeDrive Site Demo


  • BeDrive web version 2.2.2 or higher


What’s included?

  • Full flutter source code for mobile app.
  • Documentation for re-branding, making modifications, submitting to app stores and more.

Latest version 1.0.5

Download V1.0.5 Now


  • Updated flutter, dart and other libraries to latest versions.

New Features

  • Manage Collaborators screen will now suggest emails from phone contact list.



  • Splash screen color and logo can now be configured.
  • It’s now possible to upload videos from gallery on iOS.
  • Google login button will now show based on the setting in “admin > settings > authentication” page on bedrive web.
  • Transfer queue will now show better error message for files that are over max size or space available for user.
  • Google login will now show a better error message if issue is related to google configuration.

Bug Fixes

  • Network errors should not longer be logged if no internet connection is available.
  • Logo will now be correctly changed based on currently active theme mode (light or dark).
  • File upload and download notification message content is now translatable.
  • Fixed a few issues with google login button when signing in with multiple accounts from same device.
  • Fixed an issue with adding files to favorites.
  • Fixed an issue with large .rtf file sometimes crashing the app.

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